For the month ahead:

Life and love go together as naturally as imagination and creation. All of these qualities are inspired by The Empress, who'll bestow you with those traits and many more over the coming month. You're already feeling the urge to create something with a loved one. Whether it's via a proposal, an oath, or the birth of a child, you'll "give birth" - you two will make something beautiful together. Appreciate the process as well as the lovely end result.

Stop worrying about the past. The future looks not just bright, but happy in a calm and peaceful way. Whatever the "higher-ups" toss your way, you'll be able to handle it with grace, poise, and calm dignity. This attitude may well mean that you're about to finally receive the raise, promotion, or bonus you've been waiting for - especially if you don't rush it. And why would you want to, with things going so well?

When The Magician appears, it's time for you to use your mind and your thoughts to make yourself happy. You know you can do it. In fact, you've probably been spending a lot of time alone musing over what you want and how you can accomplish it. Well, go for it. There's nothing more satisfying and empowering than using all your skills and seeing what you truly want actually come to be!