For the month ahead:

Whether you're single or attached, don't waste your time frequenting "hot-spots" that are famous for providing loud music or helping people to meet for brief flings. It's time for you to settle down, so if you're still looking, go to places where kindred spirits of gentle natures gather. If you're attached, spend lots of time alone with your one and only. It will bring contentment to both your hearts.

The hardest thing to do when The Devil appears is to keep your self-respect intact. This card indicates that all manner of forces are swelling up around us to tempt us, to convince us that the ends justify the means, even if that means losing a piece of ourselves in the process. The worst of it can mean that we give in to blackmail to get what we want. No matter how tough it is, keep your principles.

Everyone has a romantic, dreamy side to their personality. The best part of The Moon is that it arrives to give us a chance to escape "real life" and be who we are, rather than what life and other people expect us to be. Lucky you. It's time for you to escape - with a lover! Remember, though, that this won't be a "Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz" journey - this will be a passionate distraction!