For the month ahead:

Whether you're single or attached, don't waste your time frequenting "hot-spots" that are famous for providing loud music or helping people to meet for brief flings. It's time for you to settle down, so if you're still looking, go to places where kindred spirits of gentle natures gather. If you're attached, spend lots of time alone with your one and only. It will bring contentment to both your hearts.

You may not be aware of it, but you're about to make a change this month - a big one - in the department of work and career. When The Fool appears, you may already be bored and restless - unhappy with the type of work you're doing, and positively craving something new. The good news is that it's about to happen, most likely through the last person you'd ever expect to make you an offer.

Death indicates that it's time to separate yourself from a situation that has been hanging quite heavily over you. While any huge change is frightening, and you're probably still worried about what's going to come next, it's time to let go of the past and let the Universe handle the details. Don't try to hang on to whatever is exiting your life. It won't work, and you'll only be stalling your future.