For the month ahead:

If your partner has been especially quiet or moody lately, consider that you may have been just a bit too hard on them. The Emperor here can indicate that it's time to go easier on others. Of course, the same may also be said for you if you've been trying too hard to please someone who's been just about unbearable. If that's the case, cut your losses and end it.

There's something going on at work that isn't quite right, and you haven't been sure about what to do. Now that The High Priestess has appeared, however, the month's path has become very clear. You know exactly what's required of you, both by your conscience and by the trust that co-workers and superiors have placed in you. Don't destroy that trust, no matter how tough it is to do the right thing.

There's no doubt that your physical health will either improve or stay as robust as ever now. When The Sun appears, it's hard to avoid either happy condition - and why would you want to? Of course, the one thing you will need to avoid is the tendency to overdo, in all departments, from food and drink to staying up late, chatting with a lover - or soon-to-be lover. Try your best to moderate.