For the month ahead:

When The Moon appears, it's time for all of us to experience the emotional side of ourselves. Big Time. In your case, you're due for a month's worth of fantasies, so enjoy it. It might be about castles. It might be about the Roaring 20s. It might also be about the current time, with someone you know right now. Regardless, enjoy it. It's time to forget reality and enjoy the deeper, more enchanting side of life.

The Hanged Man in this position indicates that you've been feeling stuck, delayed, and overdue for the praise you deserve due to the quality of the job you've been doing. The good news is that you'll only have to deal with this for a month. Afterward, your superiors will see just how hard you've been working at your task. Basically, this card is asking you to have just a little more patience.

Death indicates that it's time to separate yourself from a situation that has been hanging quite heavily over you. While any huge change is frightening, and you're probably still worried about what's going to come next, it's time to let go of the past and let the Universe handle the details. Don't try to hang on to whatever is exiting your life. It won't work, and you'll only be stalling your future.