For the month ahead:

There are many ways of finding what we deserve in life, which is exactly what the Judgement card brings to us. In romantic matters over the coming month, this card will definitely help you find your match. The hardest part of your job will be to get out there, boldly and shamelessly, and just go for it, no matter what the odds seem to be. In short, if you're interested, go get 'em! It's time!

Congratulations! You're at the very beginning of a project that bodes quite well for your future. The Star may indicate that you're about to begin a new career, that you'll begin a new position within the company you currently work with, or that you'll start up your own business. Regardless, let your dreams and instincts guide you. The only way for you to fail is if you let those feelings pass by.

Getting through the past few weeks - and the next few as well - won't be easy. In fact, what might feel best for you now would be to surrender... to give up entirely and throw in the towel. In your heart, however, there's something that's telling you to "hang in there" - no pun intended - and to wait just a little longer. If you can do that, success is just about guaranteed.