For the month ahead:

Over the coming month, The Star absolutely promises you one thing: that each and every person you encounter will have a positive impact on your life - and not only that. The Star also appears to give you wisdom and knowledge, so that you'll recognize your "soul-mates" (and yes, there are far more than one) when you see them. Just don't be afraid to greet them with a smile, a nod, and your name!

Congratulations! The Fool will present a terrific new work opportunity to you this month, which will most likely be in a field you'd never pictured yourself working in. Your mission is to keep your eyes open and be sure not to miss it. Oh, and don't be put off if this offer comes along under odd or unusual circumstances. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Enjoy this inspirational new experience.

The Sun is the core of the Universe and the core of ourselves, so this card represents exactly that: the condition of the innermost region of ourselves. At this time, you'll be extremely confident and happy with yourself, and everyone around you will be just as happy to be in your company. You'll be able to complete tasks that will amaze you - not to mention those above you! Congratulations!