For the month ahead:

The card of Judgement indicates the ending of several matters - the happy ending, that is. First of all, and most important to you, will be the fact that you'll actually be ready to come together with "an other" to find your perfect match - the kind of person that you deserve. Don't be doubtful, or worry that they're not quite right. Trust your instincts and know that your long trek is over.

The Hanged Man in this position indicates that you've been feeling stuck, delayed, and overdue for the praise you deserve due to the quality of the job you've been doing. The good news is that you'll only have to deal with this for a month. Afterward, your superiors will see just how hard you've been working at your task. Basically, this card is asking you to have just a little more patience.

Hope is, perhaps, the kindest of gifts the heavens give us, and when The Star appears in a reading, it means that we are about to be given just that, in many ways. This good feeling will allow you to forget the rigid ways of the past as well as the ways that the world has seemed to forget you. Instead, what you'll feel is an optimism that can only inspire you to succeed in all your endeavors.