Aside from the convenience of ordering via Shoppe/Lazada/GrabFood for my "deserved ko to" buys, I began to adapt and loved other door-to-door services that cater for daily item needs.  *been using FoodPanda lately*   Two of my most used services aside from the three mentioned, are Watsons and GoCart (Robinsons Supermarket).

My hunt for the best shop began during pandemic, and I have tried other shops/services.  I remained loyal to these two.  Major reason is the benefit of earning points, plus it comes with free membeship program (for life, I hope).   Second, but significantly important, is that they offer free delivery if you reached a minimum purchase. 


First week of this month, I ordered my son's prescribed meds via Watsons.  It was a great deal, because I got a discounted same-day delivery at Php 10, regular rate was Php 50.  Express delivery comes with an extra cost by the way, otherwise, you can get free delivery (3-5 days) with a minimum purchase.

I was expecting the delivery, when the rider called and informed me that he's outside waiting.  My eldest hurriedly went outside, but no rider in sight, he checked twice still none.  So I called the number listed on call history, rider was so sure that he's infront of our house.  

Then I realized, he's in the wrong city, same street but different city, this is not the first incident for the same provider.  Rider said that the PIN location routed him to Mandaluyong.  I told him to call the person who initiated the delivery, which he said that he already tried but no one is picking up his call.  

He got the package delivery from SM San Lazaro, our place is within Manila (which he already passed by going to the wrong location).   I can hear his frustration, imagine the time/fuel wasted.  He also said something like, "Magkano nga lang ung fare nito, sige Maam, babalik po ako at idi-deliver ko sa inyo".   I offered to compensate him PHP 50 for the wasted time and his effort, it's not much but hope it would help.  I gave him waze link/pin to get to our location.   The delivery took about 2 hours from the time of pick-up, which is supposed to be just just 20-30 mins motorbike ride.

Watsons customer support called me, I forgot if it was the same day or the day after.  They provided me Php 50 voucher in return, this was after verifying with the Grab rider of the said incident.

What I liked with Watsons support, was that they initiated a callback, instead of text/email.  He also said that for future concerns, I can message Watsons FB and look for him.   Also, they constantly updated me of the progress re voucher via email.


Mid-month is when Robinsons' would have their promos, plus we've run out of our daily  needs.  I know it was quite late and not the usual, I mostly do online orders early and then schedule them for delivery at a later date.  Our preferred delivery time is in the afternoon, and not beyond 6pm.  Since, the promo period is almost over, I decided to have this delivered same day.  We finished our list prior to 5pm, then scheduled for delivery 6pm-8pm.

As their protocol, I received a text re unavailable items and suggested similar item replacement.  If there's none or no reply, they will proceed with which are avaialble on the list of orders.  I started my work at 6pm (working from home), so I let my eldest check the phone from time to time.  Last text we received is that delivery rider is on his way, he sent the same text twice at around 8pm.

GoCart app would prompt about the order status, so it notificed us of a delivered status at 9pm.   My eldest went out to check if the rider is around, no rider in sight.  We waited, thought that there might be heavy traffic, or delays due to multiple drop-off of orders.   I texted the rider that we're still waiting for the groceries, and why it's showing delivered on the app.

At about 10pm (my lunch break), still no delivery.  I started calling the rider, the first number who texted me re items that weren't available, both no answer.  Sent text message to the first number, to call me ASAP and to clarify what's happening.  Tried checking GoCart app to see if I could get someone over the phone, but support can only be reached via email.  Tried their FB page, but the message wasn't delivered.  I was panicking at that time, as it's past 10pm way beyond their servicing hours, and my break is only for an hour.  We have orders too that needs to be stored in a freezer.

Finally, the first number replied, and said that it was successfully delivered at our store.  We don't have a store, so where or to whom it was delivered then?  Checked with the supervisor, after some time, I received a text from the rider.  

Same advise/reason, and said it was received by mother.  I immediately called the rider to clarify.  Evidently there was a mistake made, what irritates me more was when he said that I didn't reply.  What should I reply to his text, that he's on his way?   I didn't reply so he'd drop off items to any person? 

He went back to get our groceries and finally items were delivered to us, almost midnight.  Rider apologized via text.

It turns out that same name (both regular customers), of the same street (but on opposite ends), ordered and scheduled delivery on the same time.

But you know, this could've been avoided if standard procedure was followed.  It is highly important to check the right address, as names can be common, and it's not safe to assume.   A quick text or phone call can save us all a lot of trouble.  Past riders would always call or text prior to handing the items over to us.

Support via email replied to check if all is good, I replied with a summary of what happened (or more like a rant?).  I am entittled to do so, it was a very bad experience for me.  This incident/feedback will help them to improve their service.