Stranger Things S1(2016)
TV Series | 51min

Strange things are afoot in Hawkins, Indiana, where a young boy's sudden disappearance unearths a young girl with otherworldly powers.

Initially, I kept seeing "ST" (presumably referring to a TV show or series) on my Facebook feeds, but I ignored it, assuming it wouldn't be my cup of tea. However, I couldn't have been more mistaken! From the very first episode, I was completely hooked and found myself unable to stop watching. The storyline and characters drew me in, making it a captivating watch. The only challenge was that I began this series during workdays, so I had to reluctantly pause for sleep, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to dive back into the thrilling world it offered.

Stranger Things S2 (2017)
TV Series | 51min

It's been nearly a year since Will's strange disappearance. But life's hardly back to normal in Hawkins. Not even close.

When a sci-fi/fantasy movie or series captures my heart, a single installment is never enough—I find myself yearning for a sequel or prequel to further explore the captivating world it unveils. For instance, "Labyrinth" is among my all-time favorites, and I've been longing for a sequel to continue its enchanting tale. 

Speaking of "Labyrinth," the inclusion of Bowie's iconic songs in "Stranger Things" is an absolute delight, adding yet another reason to adore this fantastic series. The blend of nostalgic references and an enthralling storyline keeps me utterly hooked, eagerly awaiting each new episode. "Stranger Things" has become a cherished favorite, and I can't help but dream of more adventures in its mesmerizing universe.

Stranger Things S3(2019)
TV Series | 51min

Budding romance. A brand-new mall. And rabid rats running toward danger. It's the summer of 1985 in Hawkins ... and one summer can change everything.

Wow!!! In an exhilarating whirlwind, I managed to binge-watch all three seasons within a mere three days. 

The series' nostalgic 80s vibes completely swept me off my feet, and I find myself eagerly anticipating the next seasons to come. Steve and Gaten's characters have stolen my heart, and I adore them so much for their charisma and endearing performances. The show's perfect blend of nostalgia, thrilling plotlines, and lovable characters has made it an absolute favorite of mine, and I can't wait to embark on more adventures with them in the upcoming seasons.