Got my general reading from a friend and a former colleague :), thank you so much Honey.

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I took only what resonates, and the positives:
- relaxed but still a lot of worries
- secured with finances (manifesting :P)
- queen of wands for new beginnings, sagitarrius :P
- kind of cups, older or mature :P

By the way, found a site that provides information for tarot cards.

Reversed 4 of Pentacles

Tarot Love Meaning - Reversed 4 of Pentacles 
Past insecurities may be healing now, allowing you or your lover to be less jealous and possessive. The reversed 4 of Pentacles love meaning can therefore signal that the relationship can move forwards without being hindered by past wounds. If you’re single, it may be that you are ready to finally open your heart to new love, and have let go of something that has prevented you from letting your romantic life flourish.

Career Meaning - Reversed 4 of Pentacles
The reversed 4 of Pentacles may be a little tricky to interpret. Positive associations suggest that your warmhearted and generous nature at work can be a powerful asset for you. You are readily available to help others and give credit where credit is due. Alternatively, you may instead be making risky decisions and careless of the consequences. Avoid trying to do the flashiest project, or shoot for the most ambitious, irrational goal right now, as it can land you in trouble rather than help you.  

Finances Meaning - Reversed 4 of Pentacles
At times, the reversed 4 of Pentacles can signal that you’re slowly learning how to open up your pocketbook. You may generally be frugal, you are learning that it can feel good to give to others, or use your money in helpful ways. You may be donating or sharing your resources with family or friends, or purchasing things based on quality instead of price. Other times however, you can be rather careless about your money; this can make you an easy target for thieves, or shady financial schemes. Be on the lookout.

Upright 6 of Swords

Tarot Love Meaning - Upright 6 of Swords
When the 6 of Swords appears in a love tarot reading, it can signal a struggle is reaching its end. Sometimes, this can take the form of ending a relationship, or alternatively, putting a painful chapter of your relationship behind you and reconciling. In any case, it suggests the desire to leave the past, and go forwards towards an unknown, but brighter future. If you’re single, you may be ready to leave a part of yourself behind, perhaps one that prevented you from accepting love. If you have had old wounds you’ve been nursing, the 6 of Swords tarot love meaning can be a welcome sight. You may be finally ready to leave them behind.

Career Meaning - Upright 6 of Swords
You may be putting a stressful period of work behind you. There may be relief and calm as you are heading towards a more relaxed phase of work. You should be making steady progress on your projects. Compared to past experiences, these times can be a welcome improvement. Sometimes, this card can also indicate a recent change of roles or positions into something that you are better suited for.

Finances Meaning - Upright 6 of Swords
The 6 of Swords can signal movement away from financial struggles as you put that past behind you. Financially, things can be more comfortable for you, and you may no longer be under intense pressure. As you find material stability, let past experiences be a reminder to you to keep an eye out on your bank accounts. Oftentimes, we can’t run from our money issues, and it’s better to remain responsible so that problems don’t arise again and again.

Upright Queen of Wands

Upright Queen of Wands Tarot Love Meaning
This card represents an independent person, who is confident, outgoing and friendly, and who approaches love and relationships with a self-assuredness that is refreshing. She is not likely to change who she is in order to fit any other person’s desires, and generally doesn’t care what others think of them. The Queen of Wands tarot love meaning can be encouragement to be open and proud of your individuality and go out in the world and mingle. You can stop worrying about how you appear or how others perceive you and simply enjoy being around others. Your courage and self-possessed nature will draw others to you and inspire them to do the same. If you’re in a couple, you may find success being more open than ever with your partner. This honesty and frankness can draw you closer together. The Queen of Wands is also a very sensual character; this can also be a time of greater intimacy between lovers.

Career Meaning - Upright Queen of Wands
If you find the queen of wands here, it means that you have both the energy and the ability to execute your ideas at work. Whatever you are facing in your career, you can approach it with determination and passion. This drive can apply to your general situation at work or might be more specific to your position. You might already be in a leading role in your career. It could be that you mentor others or are about to start serving as a role model. Regardless of the specifics, you are a force in your field. Right now, you have the energy and passion to lead others in a way that is particularly meaningful and positive. Use this time to advance in your career and to support those around you to the best of your abilities.

Finances Meaning - Upright Queen of Wands
If you find the queen of wands here, you are able to make smart financial decisions at the moment. Whatever you choose to do is likely the result of careful planning and consideration. Do not get distracted or go too far off course (it is easy to get caught up in a spending spree), but if you focus, you are able to spend some money without serious repercussions. This might be a good time to expand your financial profile as you are able to evaluate stocks and other goods with a level head. Trust your instincts, however, if something feels wrong, it likely is. Your mind is in an ideal place to evaluate what is and is not a wise choice, trust it.

Upright 9 of Cups

Upright 9 of Cups Tarot Love Meaning
Appreciate what you have when the 9 of Cups appears in a love tarot reading. Wishes here are meant to come true, and it is best to look forwards to the future with gratitude. There is much to celebrate, and if you’re single, love can be found at parties and other happy gatherings. Go and enjoy yourself; now is not the time to be calculating or strategizing about your goals, but instead simply have fun. Lightheartedness can draw others to you. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll find that your love life will feel more cheerful and sweet. This can be a great moment to feel closer with your partner.

Career Meaning - Upright 9 of Cups
When it comes to your career, the nine of cups signifies that you may be able to find respect and recognition in your field. Whatever projects you start now may be easy to finish, and the skill you demonstrate in completing them can also earn you much praise. If you’re looking to advance in your career, this can be an excellent time to ask for a raise or promotion. People will likely be more receptive to these requests now than in the past or, potentially, in the future. Take advantage of this moment. Overconfidence is never wise, but do not be shy or bashful now. You have worked hard for this recognition. 

Finances Meaning - Upright 9 of Cups
The nine of cups signifies wishes granted, and when it comes to your finances, this card can suggest that you have everything that you need. This card signals fortune, feeling content and financial security. If you’ve been working hard, you’ll find that you can be generously rewarded. Take the time to enjoy this moment; you have earned it.

Upright King of Cups

Upright King of Cups Tarot Love Meaning
A balance between the heart and the head is represented by the King of Cups tarot love meaning. This person is emotionally mature, and values family. When emotional tensions are high, their calm and collected responses are just what everyone needs to maintain peace. When this card isn’t represented by a person in your life, it can be a suggestion to use both logic and intuition in your approach to love. Approach romance with practicality, but also with wisdom, compassion and understanding. Combined, the love you find is sure to be deep and rewarding.

Career Meaning - Upright King of Cups
At times, the king of cups can signify a more experienced, caring and compassionate advisor or mentor who can help you develop an emotionally fulfilling career. This card is also about balancing one’s emotional needs and practical, logical needs. Your wisdom and ability to balance your head and your heart can win you the respect and admiration of those around you, and can make you especially valuable when it comes to ironing out conflicts between various parties in the office. 

Finances Meaning - Upright King of Cups
On one hand, the king of cups signals some level of financial stability. This stability is the result of your judicious nature when it comes to making decisions. If you find yourself in the midst of making some large purchases or investments, this card can be a reminder that you should be both cautious and logical, as well as satisfying an emotional need.