For the month ahead:

Times are changing, and whether the outcome is for the better or worse is up to you. Remember that everything is in your hands - the ends as well as the means. If you decide, then, along the course of a current relationship, that you are unhappy, or that you want more out of a partnership, take the bull by the horns and end it or steer it in a new direction.

This month will be a busy one, with several projects to juggle and eventually complete. Your superiors will be watching you to be sure you finish them up right, too. If you work hard - which may mean doing not just your own job, but someone else's, too - you'll have terrific rewards waiting for you. Drop the ball, however, and you may be called to the boss's office for a serious talking-to.

Over the coming month, if you spend some time alone, you'll be able to find yourself, in the truest sense of the words. Does that mean that you'll be able to become everything you've ever wanted to be? Well, it might - but that's a long road, and at the very least, you'll be certain that you're off on the right path. Those might seem like shallow words, but do remember that while we're in the midst of every long journey, we can only see the small steps.