For the month ahead:

If your partner has been especially quiet or moody lately, consider that you may have been just a bit too hard on them. The Emperor here can indicate that it's time to go easier on others. Of course, the same may also be said for you if you've been trying too hard to please someone who's been just about unbearable. If that's the case, cut your losses and end it.

You're at the beginning of a month that's chock full of good news when it comes to career, especially when it comes to the amount of self-confidence and warmth you'll be able to dole out to co-workers and higher-ups alike. Oh, and with The Sun on duty in this area of your life, if you're not already in charge of at least one department at work, you certainly will be soon.

You've done nothing but listen to the advice of others for a very long time, but that's all about to come to an end. The Chariot absolutely demands that you find your own path to your destiny, and that you find the quickest and most direct route by your own means. You'll be guided along the way by signs and subtle messages from the events that happen around you. Pay attention to them.