For the month ahead:

When The Moon appears, it's time for all of us to experience the emotional side of ourselves. Big Time. In your case, you're due for a month's worth of fantasies, so enjoy it. It might be about castles. It might be about the Roaring 20s. It might also be about the current time, with someone you know right now. Regardless, enjoy it. It's time to forget reality and enjoy the deeper, more enchanting side of life.

Does your work reflect your beliefs? Do you enjoy it, and feel that it's making a difference in the world around you? If you're happy with it, that's wonderful - and you're about to have an especially rewarding month. The Pope will see to that. His presence pushes us to spend our days doing something that reflects our morals, our beliefs and our goals for the world around us.

You've done nothing but listen to the advice of others for a very long time, but that's all about to come to an end. The Chariot absolutely demands that you find your own path to your destiny, and that you find the quickest and most direct route by your own means. You'll be guided along the way by signs and subtle messages from the events that happen around you. Pay attention to them.