The Sandman (2022)
TV Series | 1h 4m

In this two-part story collection, a Siamese cat dreaming of a new world and a writer in desperate need of inspiration cross paths with Morpheus.

When I thought that I'll be waiting for years for the next season or episodes, Netflix released a bonus episode (11).  I'm really looking forward to seeing/knowing more of this series.  

And... again, I got confused with the names.  Like, I thought that they were referring to another character, but it is Sandman's other name.  By the way, I do see him as like Edward Scissorhands and Jareth combined :P.  If there's a sequel to Labyrinth, he'd probably fit the role. 
Replicas (2018)
PG-13 | 1h 47m

A scientist becomes obsessed with bringing back his family members who died in a traffic accident.

I guess the storyline was good, but it felt weird, and there are things missing, but can't really figure out.  After watching, I checked on IMDB, and it has a low rating 5.4/10.  Started scrolling on to the reviews.  I read on one, that says acting was terrible but kept watching.  Hey! Same, lolz.  It was because of Keanu's expressionless face.  Yeah!  I totally agree. Also, why do I see his other movies, as if he's Neo/John character but on another movie genre.  I have yet to see/check his past movies, if he's like this eversince.

Been seeing live feeds of TT users drawing their viewers' PP.  I don't usually view/stay except for one whom I followed before, great with drawing, and has a nice voice too (so blessed).  Anyway, I usually, just swipe up, then I happen to stay at random one.  Seeing that his viewers were not more than 10, I'm curious if he'd draw mine.  I don't see any gifts, so I decided to give him my hard earned 1 credit, I don't have a lot, since I don't usually go on live.

He started drawing mine, I recorded as it was my first, but was dismayed :(.  By the way, I'm not sure if the user is he or she, but guessed male, he wasn't speaking during that live.  Then I felt that he intentionally made it look bad, and he didn't even put colors on it, he ended the live abruptly.

Anyway, found another user drawing live, girl this time.  I stayed, she's bubbly, she finishes her drawing quickly, and she randomly chooses who to draw, regardless if you give her credit or not.  But of course, she prioritizes those top gifters first.  So it was my 2nd day of viewing her live, since we were just a few, she said that she'd draw me next when she comes back.

I forgot to check TT again for hours, when I came back to check, she's already on, and had a lot of viewers, and received a lot of gifts.  I was happy for her achievements, she said it was her first time receiving those animated whatever, I don't know what it's called, and she made it to top 12.  Good karma it is!  Because she spreads good vibes, unlike the other one lolz.  Anyway, she remembered me, and asked if I was still there, said YES. Then she draw my PP, yey!  Hopefully, I could draw again, and be better just like them

@purplejein thanks a lot @art_airesse24 💜 done in just 12mins #amazing 🤩 #livedrawing #purplejein #jeinsons ♬ All I Want Is You - Disco Lines

Saw this duet on my FYP earlier, of course I had to try lolz. Sorry, it sounded better on earphones, or so I thought :P

@purplejein #duet with @kayds dumaan sa #fyp try lang #crusin ... panira ng linggo 😝🤘 #momsoftiktok #70sbaby #womenover40 #purplejein #jeinsons ♬ original sound - kyle daiñel - kayds

The Sandman (2022)
TV Series | 45min

Upon escaping after decades of imprisonment by a mortal wizard, Dream, the personification of dreams, sets about to reclaim his lost equipment.

Quite interesting series for me, since I usually have vivid dreams, and have always thought if there's another dimension/universe.

I was a bit bored on the first few episodes, though, it gets exciting when he was finally freed.  It was a struggle with the names that they refer to him, I couldn't keep up. Well, mainly, I don't really know a lot about Sandman, except that I only saw him on Rise of the Guardians.  I don't even follow the comic book series, so I guess that makes it interesting.  Since I'd be hooked to stay and found out more as the episodes unravel more about him or this series.  Curious to see what's going to happen next season(?).

Synchronic (2019)
R | 1h 42m

Two New Orleans paramedics' lives are ripped apart after they encounter a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects.

I don't know why IMDB didn't tagged this as science fiction?  Or maybe it really shouldn't be tagged as one.  Since the movie would just like to portray the surreal effects to the user.  By the way, Mr. Grey is in this movie too :P  

On my FYP, thought of doing this if I was the CCA taking this call.

@purplejein #duet with @chardie4248 keri ba? 😅😝😁 #kolsenereygent #jobyodaph #purplejein #jeinsons ♬ original sound - Chardie B 🌷

INSTEAD of saying "I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Let me go ahead, and check what seem to be going on here.

     ---- There's empathy, but setting a negative mood with the word inconvenience. While the next statement would be better with short and straight-to-point statement. 

SAY, "I am sorry to hear that you're unable to connect to the net. Let me go ahead and check the account.

     ---- With empathy, reinstated the reason for call (ACTIVE LISTENING). Transition to what action to take, with short and simple statement.  With the second phrase, it gives your caller the impression that you know what to do.

REPLACED the "I appreciate that." with "Got it!" or maybe a simple "Thanks!", when caller provided the PIN.  For me, it's unnecessary to say appreciate, when I think that there's nothing special about it, and just part of the SECVER.

OMITTED "You're welcome." when the caller said no need for help and said thanks. IMO, I haven't done anything special, except for checking the account status, so like a casual "Sure, no worries." should be enough. Then transition to proactively ask if there's anything the caller needs assistance for.