For the month ahead:

When it comes to relationships, The Magician indicates the arrival of a person who will absolutely fascinate you in every possible way. They may seem to be everything you've ever wanted in a partner, and that could actually be true. But you really need to take your time getting to know them before you make any serious decisions. Be led by your mind, as well as your heart.

Over the next month, you may need to seriously reconsider the type of work you've been doing or the position you've had within the company - because something is definitely going to change. If you think about it honestly, you'll realize that all this really isn't much of a surprise. In fact, you've probably been expecting it, and one some levels, looking forward to it. Think of the possibilities now available to you!

We all know someone who we think of or refer to as a Hermit - someone who, more often than not, seems to prefer their own company to that of others. No matter how sociable you are, then, don't be surprised if you choose to spend time alone now - much to the disappointment of your friends! Be kind. Explain to them that you need some time alone to think a certain matter through.