Through Night and Day (2018)
PG-13 | 1h 40min

Ben and Jen's relationship is put to test as they embark on a trip of a lifetime to Jen's lifelong dream destination - Iceland.

After weeks of eager anticipation, we finally found the time to watch the movie together. It had been all over my Facebook news feed, piquing my curiosity about whether it was worth the hype. Initially released in theaters in 2018, it didn't attract enough viewers and was subsequently pulled out. Surprisingly, the real buzz around the movie only started in mid-2020 after it was added to Netflix.

During the movie, I was genuinely moved by one particular scene. Paolo's acting and expressions brought a sense of authenticity to his character, seamlessly blending comedy and drama. On the other hand, I couldn't say the same for Alessandra, and it's regrettable to admit that I struggled to connect with the role she portrayed. I remembered watching her in "Kita Kita," which was also hyped at the time, but her performance fell flat, leaving me disappointed with how I spent my hard-earned money on the ticket and concessions.

The predictability of Filipino movie plots is something I've noticed, and it makes me hesitant to spend money on seeing them in theaters. Perhaps a different female lead would change my perspective, but as it stands, I'm not sure I'd be willing to invest in another big-screen experience for similar films.