For the month ahead:

Emotions are a funny thing. They can aid us, acting like "antennae" when we're uncertain about the outcome of a situation (in the intellectual sense), and end up guiding us toward the most positive outcome. On the other hand, they can sway us, that is, if we let our hearts rule our minds when we really know they shouldn't. The appearance of The Moon, however, means that it's your heart you should heed. Trust it above all else.

When the card of Judgement appears in the arena of career, it's time for you to either start or end a new way of earning your daily bread. Either way, you won't mind - at least, not once it's begun. The only thing is, you'll need to be sure you're ready to start this entirely new beginning without any regrets. If you go into it without any reservations, you'll do fine.

The High Priestess bodes a time of inner consciousness, of looking inside ourselves to find the answers we seek, possibly by asking questions of others - and there's no reason to be ashamed of that. Listen to the advice that dear ones offer, but also pay attention to yourself - to your dreams, your feelings of déjà vu, and to the voice of your intuition. You have spirit guides and angels guiding you. Pay heed.
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