For the month ahead:

When it comes to relationships, The Magician indicates the arrival of a person who will absolutely fascinate you in every possible way. They may seem to be everything you've ever wanted in a partner, and that could actually be true. But you really need to take your time getting to know them before you make any serious decisions. Be led by your mind, as well as your heart.

When The Tower appears in our lives in the department of career, it often means that despite how hard we've been working, we have little or nothing to say about our future. This may mean that the company we work for has been sold, or will be sold, or that we have no choice but to work for a new employer. The process may not be enjoyable, but you could end up with a far better position.

When The High Priestess appears, she offers you several options, but only one choice: to follow the right path and do the right thing by everyone - most especially yourself. At this time, the only "right thing" to do is quite clear to you, but it's probably not going to be easy. If you want to sleep easy, though, with a clear mind that produces easy dreams, follow your own personal code.

Found this challenge on instagram, and would like to try, and see if I can complte the challenge of being happy for 100 straight days.  While one of my colleague would like to do the opposite :P