For the month ahead:

When The Moon appears, it's time for all of us to experience the emotional side of ourselves. Big Time. In your case, you're due for a month's worth of fantasies, so enjoy it. It might be about castles. It might be about the Roaring 20s. It might also be about the current time, with someone you know right now. Regardless, enjoy it. It's time to forget reality and enjoy the deeper, more enchanting side of life.

It's time for you to receive an offer than can bode nothing for you but the best - so why hesitate? Well, if you have a trusted friend who can look over the "fine print" for you, so much the better. If you're not quite sure, make sure - then enter into the enterprise with all good faith, positive that the end result will make you into a "star" yourself!

When The Pope appears, you'll notice an inner change occurring. You'll suddenly be far more concerned with the future and with the "real meaning" of things than with anything petty, shallow or having to do with surface matters. In the meantime, do your best to surround yourself with people who are kindred spirits, who share your feelings. If you need to find new peers, search them out where you know they'll gather.