For the month ahead:

The fertility that The Empress brings to us is unmatched. She is the Queen of Mother Earth - Nature herself, able to create life and nurture it. She'll hold court over your love affairs for the month, so it's easy to see that you'll be very, very happy. All your current relationships will grow and prosper, and even the tiniest spark of attraction could turn into something lovely and long-lasting. Smile, and enjoy every moment together.

You've been trying for a while now to complete a project. You've put just about everything you possibly can into it, but you've now honestly arrived at the fact that there's really nothing else you can do, and that despite the wholehearted way you've put your energy into your task, you've received no gratitude, no pats on the back, and definitely no applause. It's time to take a break and think about your next step.

When The High Priestess appears, she offers you several options, but only one choice: to follow the right path and do the right thing by everyone - most especially yourself. At this time, the only "right thing" to do is quite clear to you, but it's probably not going to be easy. If you want to sleep easy, though, with a clear mind that produces easy dreams, follow your own personal code.