After a lengthy wait of 49 days, our SIM replacement has finally been delivered.

We promptly reported the loss of our phone, along with the registered SIM, due to theft. However, the process of resolving the issue involved numerous days and weeks of follow-ups, during which we received generic replies indicating that the matter was still under review. The level of stress I personally endured was unimaginable, particularly when we discovered that our registered number was still active and being used by someone else. Despite reporting this to the provider, they failed to take immediate action, such as temporarily deactivating the SIM. Consequently, the unauthorized user continued to consume the remaining GB of data, even after we had submitted all the necessary documents, including a police report and proof of ownership (such as the SIM bed). Each time we reached out to the provider, their response merely stated that their support team was still reviewing the case. This situation has left me wondering if there are multiple users facing similar challenges with SIM replacements.

In retrospect, choosing this mobile data provider for my sons' usage was undoubtedly a mistake. I deeply regret my decision, as I believed it would be a better choice, especially considering that we did not actually require mobile data at home. The offer of no-expiry data seemed appealing initially, but the experience has proven to be a source of great disappointment and regret.

Anyway, let me share the steps we followed to obtain our SIM replacement, in case it proves helpful to others. However, if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend switching to SMART as soon as possible. They also offer a no-expiry promo, making it a more favorable option.

1.  Before reaching out to GOMO, it is important to prepare an AFFIDAVIT of LOSS (notarized). This document will be required as part of the submission process for your SIM replacement request. Keep in mind that GOMO has a deadline of 7 days from the initial report to accept the necessary documents. Therefore, it is crucial to have the affidavit ready beforehand.  

2.  To contact GOMO, it is recommended to reach out to them through their Twitter account page. However, it's important to be prepared for the security verification process that they have in place. They may require specific details to verify your identity before assisting you with your SIM replacement request.

Information they needed are as follows:

GOMO Number: 
Name registered in the app:  
Email Address registered in the app:  
Recent Transactions:  
Date of latest transaction:  
Time of latest transaction:  
Reference Number of latest transaction:  

TIP: It is advisable to avoid using their Facebook Page for SIM replacement inquiries. This is because the Facebook Page might lead you into an AI loop, where you might not find a specific menu option for SIM replacement. It can feel like navigating through a labyrinth maze, making it difficult to get the assistance you need. Even if you manage to reach the part where you can chat with an agent, there is a possibility that no agent will be assigned to you, causing delays in resolving your issue.

3.  After successfully completing the security verification process, GOMO will guide you on the next steps to obtain your SIM replacement. They will advise you to send the following mandatory requirements to within one week: 

Email Subject: GOMO Change SIM Requirements <GOMO Number>
Email Content/Details: < Requirements >
a. Duly notarized Affidavit of Loss (send digitally along with a selfie holding the Affidavit of Loss)
b. 2 Valid IDs (should match with the selfie) See list of Valid IDs in the Appendix
c. GOMO SIM bed (with visible SIM serial) (can be optional)
d. Any other proof of ownership of the lost SIM card (ex. Screenshot of Gcash linked to the lost SIM card) (can be optional)
e. Delivery Details of the customer where the SIM will be delivered.

Please submit the requirements within the week.
We will not proceed with the request if the requirements/documents are not provided and approved.
Once the requirements are submitted, they will be verified again.

4.   Please ensure that you follow up with the Twitter agent until they confirm the approval of your SIM replacement. Once approved, they will provide you with instructions on how to make the payment for the new SIM card and the associated delivery fee.

It is important to note that payment must be settled within 3 working days, and you will be required to submit proof of payment within that timeframe as well. If the payment and proof of payment are not submitted within the specified time, you may need to start the process over.

To avoid any delays or complications, make sure to promptly settle the payment and provide the necessary proof of payment within the given timeframe. This will help ensure a smooth SIM replacement process and prevent any unnecessary restarts.

Please note that the payment and delivery fee details may vary, so it is essential to confirm the specific instructions and fees with the agent.   To give you an idea of the current fees as of this writing.

SIM fee (Php 40)
Delivery Fee (Php 100 for MM/NCR; Php150 for VISMIN.  For out of delivery areas, there will be additional costs) Payment will be via Bank Transfer/Deposit.

5.   The final step is to follow up and inquire about the status of your delivery. It's important to note that the responses you receive may be generic, indicating that the company is actively working on your request. The only way to confirm that your delivery is en route is when you receive a text message from ENTREGO (in our case) notifying you that the delivery is on its way.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Twitter agents will not provide you with a reference number, not even for the process of sending the requirements via email. There is no option to follow up through email either, as you will only receive an automated response from a no-reply email address acknowledging the receipt of your email. At times, this can be frustrating when you attempt to follow up and the agent instructs you on how to request a SIM replacement, despite having already submitted the required documents.


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