For the month ahead:

It's time for you to take on the qualities of introversion, seclusion, and thinking seriously about the reality of a romantic situation. If you're not happy or satisfied, The Hermit can mean a relationship is about to end, or has really already ended. More so, however, it can indicate a time of increased trust, when two people actually need to allow each other time to be alone, without any unfounded suspicions.

When The Tower appears in this position, it shows that you're just dying to get away from a situation that's keeping you from realizing your full potential. You need to get away from the circumstances that are holding you back, whether it's a higher-up who's been trying to keep you under their thumb or a co-worker who's been stealing your thunder. Don't let it happen. It's not healthy for you, and you definitely don't need it.

You've done nothing but listen to the advice of others for a very long time, but that's all about to come to an end. The Chariot absolutely demands that you find your own path to your destiny, and that you find the quickest and most direct route by your own means. You'll be guided along the way by signs and subtle messages from the events that happen around you. Pay attention to them.