For the month ahead:

Someone is courting you - or at least, trying to. If you've been putting them off, there's a reason for it. The High Priestess will gently guide you as you try to decide what to do. The keyword in her magic, however, is "gently." Don't rush, don't allow yourself to be rushed, and if you hear the words, "If you loved me, you would," take warning. If they loved you, they'd never try to push you.

For the first time in a long while, it's suddenly become clear to you: what you really want to "do" with the rest of your life. So from now on, even if you need to clear away some things, and perhaps even some relationships that are dear to you, thanks to Justice, you'll now understand that it's time, and that whatever needs to be done is what you'll have the strength and courage to do.

Our minds are the source of many types of power. Willpower, determination to succeed, and even physical health all begin with positive thoughts. The card of Strength indicates that you'll need to take charge of your thoughts over the coming month, to only think of positive outcomes for all your problems, and to ensure that no one shakes your confidence. That done, your success is a definite.