For the month ahead:

Ready for a surprise? You'd better be! You'll soon find yourself attracted to someone you'd never, ever pictured yourself with. Does that mean it will last forever? When The Fool is in the picture, that really doesn't matter. What's important is that you take the new experiences that life tosses your way and have some fun with them! After all, isn't it time for you to let go and laugh? THE FOOL

No matter what you're assigned to do at work this month, when The Sun shows up in this position, there's no doubt that you'll enjoy it. You may enjoy it so much, in fact, that your self-confidence grows as much as your reputation for being able to do not just your own job, but that of at least two others. Your one warning: don't spoil your superiors, who'll come to expect nothing less than what you've been providing.

A project that's been nothing more than a dream lately could well be about to come to fruition, thanks to the presence of The Emperor, who rewards diligence and competence. Just try not to go overboard and become rigid or nit-picky, especially on yourself. It can only lead to depression - and what good will you be to anyone if you let that happen? Do what you can and let the Universe work out the details.