For the month ahead:

For the longest time, you seem to have been learning a lesson that's been not at all pleasant: you've been learning not to trust. Now, however, someone is due to enter your life who'll teach you not just to trust, but also to trust yourself again - to trust your intuition, even though you've tried, recently, to do just that, and it hasn't worked out too well. Give it another shot.THE POPE

When The Wheel of Fortune appears, no matter how much at the mercy of the Powers That Be you feel, you have much more to do with the outcome of the matter than you can imagine. In fact, your attitude has absolutely everything to do with the end result of the problem or dilemma. For that reason, it's time for you to take control of what's going on - so grab the steering wheel and do not let go.

There are many types of strength: the physical, of course, the emotional, and the spiritual, to name a few. When the card of Strength appears, you will be asked to dig deep and show at least one type of personal power over the next month. If you've been fighting a battle of any kind, your adversary stands no chance of winning now - provided that you determine never to give up!