For the month ahead:

You're about to enter a time of introspection with regard to a certain partnership matter. That is, if you see something unusual or uncertain happening in your current relationship, you'll need some time alone to think things over. If your partner really knows you and cares for you, they'll give you this time - with their blessings. If not, you may need to add that to the list of matters to consider about your relationship.

The appearance of The Devil indicates that in all professional matters, you can have exactly what you want - it all depends on how far you're willing to go to get it. If you need to keep your morals about you, you'll resist any offer that sounds too good to be true, and that's the very best way to handle it. You'll definitely encounter your dark side now. It's up to you to keep it reined in.

A project that's been nothing more than a dream lately could well be about to come to fruition, thanks to the presence of The Emperor, who rewards diligence and competence. Just try not to go overboard and become rigid or nit-picky, especially on yourself. It can only lead to depression - and what good will you be to anyone if you let that happen? Do what you can and let the Universe work out the details. the empreror