For the month ahead:

If you've been trying to hang on to a relationship that's ceased to be useful to you, it may be time to dismiss it entirely, and try your best to stop holding onto what's no longer positive to you in any way. Your first "clue" will be the fact that they haven't been treating you well - not at all in the fashion that you deserve. Let them go, and find someone new if that's the case and they can't change.

When The World appears, you've received a very important indication that you've done the right thing, been in the right place at the right time, and chosen the right occupation. Of course, you'll already know all that, by the feelings you have, but also by the happiness and contentment you're already experiencing within your current occupation. If you're not satisfied, don't despair. Something you never expected will come along, when you least expect it.

We all know someone who we think of or refer to as a Hermit - someone who, more often than not, seems to prefer their own company to that of others. No matter how sociable you are, then, don't be surprised if you choose to spend time alone now - much to the disappointment of your friends! Be kind. Explain to them that you need some time alone to think a certain matter through.