This postcard arrived as a delightful surprise on my birthday, making it feel like an unexpected gift from a fellow postcrosser. It came all the way from China, sent by Ilolo, and it truly brightened my day.

Inside the Yellow Earth

I was intrigued by the mention of "Yellow Earth" on the postcard, so I decided to look it up. However, my search led me to a movie, leaving me uncertain if it's a landmark or a behind-the-scenes shot from a film. Nonetheless, the mystery adds to the charm of this wonderful postcard.

The Cotton State

Sent by Carla, the postcard showcases a detailed map of Alabama, highlighting its fascinating landmarks and sights to see. Alabama is famously known as the Cotton State, and it's also referred to as the Yellowhammer State and the Heart of Dixie. In her message, Carla mentioned that they are currently gearing up for Thanksgiving celebrations.