Received yet another postcard this month, and this time it's my first postcard from Russia, sent by Anya.

Olgas's Pavilion
The study of Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna

I was curious about the postcard's content, which featured Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna. So, I searched Wikipedia to learn more about her. Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia (11 September 1822 – 30 October 1892) later became Queen Olga of Württemberg. She was a member of the Russian imperial family and held great appeal due to her beauty, intelligence, and cultural interests. She was regarded as one of the most eligible princesses in Europe, with proficiency in several languages, and a passion for music and painting.


Only a few days after receiving the last postcard, I've received another one!

1) Mitropolia
2) Biserica Stavropoleus
3) Biserica Cretulescu

This postcard is my first from Romania, and it was sent by Andreea, a teenage girl who is almost the same age as my eldest son. It's great to see that at such a young age, she's already into postcrossing, while most kids her age are busy with games and other activities.



Rachel from Phoenix sent me another postcard with a purple theme, adding to my collection. The postcard features an impressive capture of powerful lightning, giving the impression that the sky was raging with anger that night.