First 2 Postcards

I became a member of Postcrossing on December 18, 2008. Since that day, I've eagerly been checking my mailbox, filled with excitement, hoping to receive my first postcrossing postcard.

After almost two months, the long-awaited moment finally arrived, catching me off guard. To my pleasant surprise, not one, but two postcards were waiting for me in the mail. Both postcards were absolutely lovely, one from the Netherlands and the other from the United Kingdom. It was a delightful surprise that made my day!


The postcard, sent by Evelien, beautifully showcases the view of the town where she studies.


The postcard, sent by Agi (hope I spelled it right) of Croatia, features a captivating view of the sea. It's wonderful to receive a glimpse of this young European country through the postcard. Agi mentioned that he lives near the seaside, which is really cool!

Receiving postcards from both origins was a delightful surprise for me, as the places were entirely new and unfamiliar. Curiosity got the best of me, and I couldn't resist diving into more information about these locations on Wikipedia. This postcrossing idea is truly captivating, as it opens up a whole new world of discovery, allowing me to explore and learn about fascinating places I never knew existed before. I'm already falling in love with this wonderful journey of exploration!


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