Ghost Month 2023

I encountered a bank's pop-up message regarding Ghost Month, and interestingly, a related content about it also appeared on my TikTok For You Page. Ghost Month spans from August 16 to September 14, and I'd like to share the information I found below.

Ghost Month, which is considered an inauspicious time in some Asian cultures, it's wise to avoid certain activities to prevent any potential negative influences or bad luck. Here are some tips on what not to do during Ghost Month:

1. Avoid Outdoor Activities at Night: 
It's believed that wandering spirits are more active during the nighttime. To minimize encountering them, it's best to avoid outdoor activities after dark.

2. Avoid Swimming: 
Ghosts are thought to be drawn to bodies of water, and swimming during this month could increase the risk of encountering malevolent spirits.

3. Don't Hang Clothes Outside: 
It's believed that spirits might try to possess hanging clothes, so it's better to avoid hanging laundry outdoors during Ghost Month.

4. Avoid Whistling at Night: 
Whistling at night is believed to attract spirits, and doing so may inadvertently invite unwanted attention.

5. Avoid Renovations or Moving:
Ghost Month is considered an unlucky time for significant changes. Avoid starting renovations, moving to a new house, or major life decisions.

6. Limit Celebrations:
It's customary to avoid holding joyous celebrations or weddings during Ghost Month, as this might offend the wandering spirits.

7. Don't Step on Ashes or Offerings:
It's common to see offerings on the ground during Ghost Month. Be respectful and avoid stepping on them.

8. Avoid Ghost-Related Activities:
Engaging in activities related to ghosts or death, such as visiting cemeteries or watching horror movies, is generally avoided during this time.

9. Don't Open Umbrellas Indoors:
It's believed that doing so may invite negative energy and bad luck.

10. Avoid Disturbing Natural Areas:
 It's thought that spirits reside in natural surroundings, so avoid disturbing areas like forests, mountains, or rivers.

Remember that the practices and beliefs associated with Ghost Month vary from culture to culture, so it's essential to be respectful of the local customs and traditions. If you're uncertain about a particular activity, it's always a good idea to seek guidance from individuals familiar with the cultural practices of the region.


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