PhilSys ID delivered

I'm thrilled to share that we've received our National IDs today, although they're not complete yet—only mine and my third son's. Surprisingly, even though we registered on the same day, we were placed in separate processing batches, a fact we discovered when checking on to see if our IDs were ready for printing. There was a notice about a delay in the physical ID card production, with the option to obtain a temporary printable digital version.

Interestingly, our physical ID cards had been ready for delivery since May 18, according to the PhilSys tracking page, so it took a whopping three months for them to finally reach us. It's snail mail, quite literally.

I made numerous attempts to contact PhilSys to inquire about the status. I was redirected to another department and attempted to call them, but received no response. I also sent an email, which went unanswered. At one point, I even worried that our IDs might have been affected by the fire that occurred at the Lawton Post Office in May. Eventually, I gave up trying to reach the right person for an update.

Nonetheless, the IDs are in our hands now, and we eagerly await the arrival of the next batch.


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