Six days from the last postcard received, came another interesting card from another country.


This came from Claudia of Vienna. It's the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel. Again, I searched on wikipedia, and found out that this is a surviving example of nineteenth century Ferris wheels, and is still in operation today. Erected in 1897, damaged during WWII and was rebuilt. WOW!

There is an undeniable joy in riding Ferris wheels, a thrill that sweeps over you as the vibrant carnival lights dance around, casting a magical glow. With each gentle ascent, a sense of wonder takes hold, and the world below seems to shrink as you ascend to new heights. The anticipation builds, heart racing, as the cabin reaches its zenith, offering breathtaking vistas that stretch far and wide. The feeling of weightlessness and the gentle sway of the wheel create an enchanting experience, leaving you utterly captivated and yearning for more. For those who love to ride Ferris wheels, it's an extraordinary journey where time stands still, and cherished memories are etched in the heart forever.


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